Puzzle Cookie Cutter
Puzzle Cookie Cutter
Puzzle Cookie Cutter
Puzzle Cookie Cutter
Puzzle Cookie Cutter

Puzzle Cookie Cutter

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šŸŽ‚Add A Touch Of EleganceĀ On Your Cakes!Ā šŸŽ€

Tired of the same old uninspired cookies? Put together the most tantalizing dessert using theĀ Puzzle Cookie Cutter! ThisĀ setĀ of unique cuttersĀ let youĀ createĀ aĀ tasty puzzle that both adult and kid loves.Ā 

Each pieceĀ fits perfectly into each otherĀ so you canĀ freely create a puzzle in any size. TheseĀ stainless steelĀ cutters boast aĀ non-stick surfaceĀ forĀ easy demolding and washing.Ā 

Explore your creativity and make your unique eatable puzzle!


  • Tantalizing PuzzleĀ - Cuts cookies into unique puzzle shapes.
  • Perfect FitĀ - Each moulded piece fits perfectly so you can freely create puzzles in any size or shape.
  • Valuable SetĀ - Comes in 2 sets of 4 matched cookie cutters to add fun variety to your baked creations.
  • Non-StickĀ - Its smooth, non-stick surface prevents residue from clinging, making it easy to unmold and wash.
  • Widely UsableĀ - Make a delicious puzzle out of various desserts such as cookies, fondant, chocolate and more.
  • Quality MaterialĀ - Durably made from food-gradeĀ materialĀ thatā€™s highly resistant to corrosion and deformation.


  • Material: Stainless Steel
  • Size: As shown

Product Includes:

  • 4pc x Puzzle Cookie Cutter